Thursday, 16 April 2009

all the fun of the zoo

i haven't been on the internet in forever and have just spent some quality time with the computer catching up on things. except the computer is mad at me for neglecting it and keeps cutting the internet off so i haven't actually caught up on everything i want to. rubbish.

anyway the main amazing news is me and my mummy went to whipsnade zoo on tuesday and it was awesome! (i didn't skank will, he skanked me for ac/dc so i had to make plans with mum coz i wouldn't have been able to handle sitting at home on my own knowing he was doing something so awesome.) (and he didn't actually skank me, he was offered a ticket by his friend after we were too slow trying to buy our own and he couldn't very well turn down an offer like that just because i wasn't going, that would have been insane)(and to be honest i'm quite glad he skanked me coz the zoo was awesome!)

we loved the zoo. we spent all day there and managed to see everything. and took a ton of photos. and had a picnic courtesy of mum which we ate overlooking the white rhinos and some deer type things. i sat on a rhino and mum took my picture. its alive and everything.

in all the times i have been to that zoo i have never seen the brown bears, at all. we went to look and we could see them all lazing about under trees and i was amazed. they were huge and looked so soft and furry but like they could eat you. then on our way back past after seeing the penguins and on our way to the wolves one of the bears was actually in the water splashing about playing with a stick! it was brilliant.

the cheetahs were adorable, just laying in their little house constantly licking each others heads looking pretty.

i'm going to go and steal the sloth bears and keep them in my garden/house due to their awesomeness.

the flamingos were fluorescent orange.

it was just generally an awesome day. thank you mummy! then we went home and i spent the night at the 'rents house which was so nice. i got to have a shower. i felt so clean and relaxed and then came back to our manky house. tried cleaning it to make it feel nice then realised that i clean it anyway, that's not the problem. the house is just rubbish and stressy. i either need to stay at my mums more often or never go there again so i can't compare. and that would be too sad coz their house is lovely.

in other news i jynxed myself by mentioning how i hadn't missed any of my sketch a days and have now missed loads but i'll blame work and easter and start again from tomorrow (i'm too full, hot and tired to do drawing now). but i do have a few that i haven't put up yet so here are those ones.

nikki sixx, harry potter and hermione granger (supposedly)

easter was nice. me and will spent some quality time with the telly and ps3 and chocolate (and each other, but i see him all the time anyway) and we had a bit of a roast but i spent the day feeling the wrath of my body letting me know i'm not pregnant. i have eaten far too much the past couple of days and its finally caught up with me. i feel so full and unhealthy tonight, its not good.

i have also failed 52 weeks again. don't know why i bother really, i hate photos of myself and this house is too ugly to take a nice photo in anyway. (i'm really peeved with the house at the moment incase you hadn't guessed.)

have some hard work ahead of me for uni. i'm way behind and getting more behind by the second. i'm completely screwed for the self promotion brief. i haven't got a clue what to do for it. but i'm plowing on with the twilight illustrations, even though it doesn't seem like it coz i'm just reading and making notes again but now i know my plan i need to make the notes so i can just get on with the imagery. fingers crossed it turns out good.

gonna sort this out in the morning now coz i can't be bothered with trying to upload to flickr and put pictures on this with the internet being so rubbish.

edit~i came back to this today so it's probably all lying about what i'm doing and what happened 'today' and stuff but i can't be bothered to sort it out.

today i did another sketch a day. it doesn't even have a face but there you go.

and this morning i did one of those peel off face mask thingys and was amazed that it came off all in one go.
how creepy is that?
anyway, i'm gonna go put pictures on flickr (which you should have a look at for more fun from the zoo) and watch hell's kitchen for my daily dose of fear from marco.
oh and michael sheen for aro in the twilight films gets 2 thumbs up from me. i can't wait!

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