Thursday, 2 April 2009

if you look too closely within your own world, you'll never go anywhere

wow, i just spent a good half hour trying to remember how to sign in to this. i tried every username and password i have ever used for anything and it turns out its just my normal email not some stupid new username i'd managed to forget in a day.

myself and will went to uni yesterday to see graham rawle talk about his books and such. to be honest i wasn't expecting it to be great but it was actually really good. he's earned a couple of book sales out of it in the near future anyway. he is where the title came from. not sure if it's a direct quote or if my goldfish memory changed it before i managed to write it down but the point is the same.
here are some stolen* pictures of what he does:

week number 3 of my lame-o attempt at the 52 weeks project:

its not actually really me doing a self portrait, its a reference picture i took for one of the many projects (the one where i illustrate twilight infact, try to guess which part of the story this is for) i'm doing at the moment and thought i could recycle it seeing as i had nothing for 52weeks yet.
anyways, you should look at my flickr to see an action shot of grack and a little story as to why he is insane but happy.
i'm off to cook mushroom tortelloni for my lonely dinner. yum
*stolen from check 'im out.

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