Tuesday, 7 April 2009

"my name is on your boobies!"

we went to see the boat that rocked on monday.
i had to be lame and make a ticket for myself because we got special treament and didn't have to get tickets and i'm a freak.
the film was funny and made me want loads of tea and proper english food like egg and chips. i settled for a fried egg sandwich that will made me and it was awesome.
then we went to HMV and i got my Twilight dvd. and HMV are awesome because they do exclusives.
haha everyone who doesn't have just edward on their dvd.

will just told me how i told facebook that we were in a relationship (coz he only just gave in to facebook) and it asked him if he wanted to be in a relationship with me as though i was actually asking him out.
this is now how he is going to propose to me.

anyway, back to HMV, will got the the black freighter dvd which, it turns out, is more an under the hood dvd but that isn't even mentioned on the front. its awesome. if you liked watchmen (in either form) you should buy it. although don't watch the animated comic. for some reason they got one man to narrate the whole thing and it somehow made the pictures of laurie look manly?

here are my sketch a day's for yesterday and today.

i think you'll agree they are not good well mainly just the first one the second one is alright.
but you should know, i don't care. it's good for me to draw anyway.

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