Thursday, 9 April 2009


went to welwyn today for a change of scenery and i found these in marks and spencer.

i love them and with the 20% off homeware and the vat cut they were only 78p for both! love it.

while queuing up for these will had the cheek to wander off and look at other stuff and in his absense some stupid old smelly man came and stood far to close to me and as though he was trying to sneak infront of me in the queue. and then when the queue moved forward he motioned for me to go first as though we'd both arrived at the queue at the same time and he was simply being gentlemanly!
urgh. lesson for the smelly old man: gentlemen wash!
anyway i love my new cups and i got to play with a teapot in costa and discover a new love for black tea when we stopped for lunch.
"sketch a day"'s from yesterday and today. i'm actually amazed i've kept it up so long. (all of 5 days)

this is bella without a face looking at the wonder that is the spudzilla label and my hand drawn from a photo i had of my hands. hopefully my hands don't look so manly in real life.

this is drawn from a new photo of robert pattinson that's appeared on lots of flickrs so naturally i can't credit the photographer because people who use flickr to hoard photos of the twilight lot have an aversion to crediting people. and he's censored because i drew those bits horribly wrong. i've not made him be doing something rude. which is what it looks like i've done.

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