Thursday, 28 May 2009

i have officially done my first drawing since handing in for assessment. i'm that lazy. it's alright but once again doesn't quite look like the picture i copied... nevermind.
our rubbish landlord appeared today and started cutting the jungle (front garden). he's not supposed to come on/in the property without giving us 24 hours notice and he didn't even bother to knock on the door and say 'hello, i'm going to cut the grass for the first time in 2 years even though in the contract it's legally my responsibility to look after it and your rent will include that.' so we spent between 12 and 4 (yes thats how long it took him, it's not that big a garden, he just disappeared a lot) worrying about wills bike that is very close to the strimmering action and the fact that i had the day before run out of hayfever tablets. fun.
now all the grass is dead from shock and the old bat down the way stopped to stare at it and whinge to her old man friend about how it looks so dry. i almost shouted out at her that it was dear ol' mr.landlords fault because she thinks he's brilliant and that we're scum but i didn't, i just ignored her very politely even though she was staring at my garden and talking loudly about it next to my open window and continued making my mushroomy dinner. which was really yummy.
also recently i painted on a bag. i think it looks quite spiffy.
will's at work again and i'm all alone hence me being on here again and i'm also on last fm again which is quite awesome. that is, not that will is at work and i'm all alone.
gonna go watch kurt russell on graham norton now which i assume can only be good.

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