Thursday, 14 May 2009

some stuff

this is my hair being awesome a couple weeks ago, i slept with it up and this is how it turned out. naturally my hair is straight as an ironing board. people are often jealous of my hair because i don't even blow dry it while they spend hours burning it straight. but i wish my hair would look like this more often without me doing anything to it. didn't last the whole day because it hates to be anything but dead straight but it was good while it lasted.
the other day i was on my way to uni and walking through the galleria and a man was walking towards me. i started to walk diagonally to move out of his way but he was still coming towards me so i kept trying to get out of his way figuring he was trying to get into the shop i was walking past and when we got level i realised he was looking right at me and he got really close and made a weird noise in my ear and kept walking. after a couple more steps the cringe started to wear off and i really wished i'd swung for him. i cringed so bad it actually made the side of my face feel weird. creep.

we went to view a flat today. crossing your fingers works. it was magically huge inside and we have now had it taken off the market! now i'm crossing my fingers for all the paperwork to go smoothly because it's technically still not ours just yet. please please please let it go well. it's a really nice little place on a private road really close to a lovely pub and the train station and it has a dining table. i'm fed up with eating dinner off my lap every day. *fingers crossed*

finished all the imagery for the showcase project. now its being rubbish and not printing well. all the colours are rubbish. i hate scanning and printing. i should have done fine art then i wouldn't have to print my work. but i would be thoroughly annoyed by all the arty crap that doesn't actually make sense. urgh. i just want it to look nice for my show!

will and i were walking across the field on the way home from tesco when we saw this and it made us laugh.
some art:

off to find some dinner now. i reckon it'll have to be nuggets and chips. we really need to go do a proper food shop...

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