Wednesday, 27 May 2009

thought i could relax now...

i thought that once i had handed in all my work there'd be a massive weight lifted from me and i could relax. but i was obviously wrong. we're in the process of being checked for the house which is oddly worrying. i'm trying to sort stuff out for the degree show and i realise i haven't scanned anything at website resolution so that has to wait till the weekend when i've picked up all the work or anyone looking at my website would have to wait a year for anything to load. i tried printing out my portfolio pieces but even though the paper we found in london yesterday is quite dream like the printer is now refusing to print without borders even though it usually does it without me even asking. rubbish.

so i have had my miniature bottle of rose that i brought today to see whether i actually liked wine that isn't red and i've got the 'rob zombie' station on at last fm to try and calm myself with alcohol and industrial music before will comes home from work and has to put up with me.

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