Tuesday, 9 June 2009

they've got your w wotsit dot number

will's at work so i'm watching 'from hell' and fiddling with the internet.

phoned the house agents today and apparently all there is to do now is on the day we are moving (which i'm not going to tell you for obvious reasons) we just have to go down and pay our deposits and pick up the keys. i thought it'd be more complicated than that. hopefully it'll turn out that it's actually as easy as it seems.

made a tonne of lasagne yesterday ready for when will came home from work in an attempt at being housewifey and then to survive off for the rest of the week. lasagne is quite difficult in how many steps there are, maybe next time i'll be a bit more organised in advance of starting. looked pretty good and was pretty tasty though, if i do say so myself.

then william took me to see drag me to hell. it was so good. the old school logos at the start, when the gypsys teeth fell out and was gumming on her chin, "i beat you, you old bitch". a good mix of scary and funny. and a good moral tale of someone getting as they deserved i think. and also a good amount of popcorn and pepsi courtesy of will. gotta love cinema food.

this tropical moth as i would describe it was waiting for me in the bathroom the other day. twas really yellow and then it flew at me so i had will catch it. doesn't look like it belongs in hatfield to me, but then, i know nothing about moths.

i saw this on flickr and was amazed. i've seen some really poor photoshop when it comes to twilight and some that's not so bad but still just plain wrong (seriously, photoshopping robert pattinsons head onto a models body is actually kind of an insult, nice way to show your love to him...) but this is actually amazing. the more i look at it the more i see how it was put together but at a first look i reckon it's pretty believable.
still quite harsh though considering she apparently has a boyfriend who isn't pictured here.

on the wall just outside the illustration part of the degree show someone started a trend of drawing on the wall and left a load of pens so anyone that came could add if they wanted to. would have been a good idea if it hadn't turned into playground graffiti, people just started drawing crude willies all over the place.
there is, however, a part of the wall that made me laugh. for some reason at some point of the degree laura did a drawing of will with a tophat on and proceeded to add him into a load of her projects just by adding a tophat every now and then, and his signature long hair, as seen added to this dinosaur. genius. especially considering he reckons he's never worn a tophat in his life.

going to go try and ebay myself some canvas bags in the hope of making them pretty and selling them on. wish me luck...or even better, keep an out on my website and buy one when they appear.

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