Sunday, 7 June 2009

uh degree show

well the show is nearly over (just monday left) and i think it's gone quite well. we were in yesterday to do our 'guarding' shift and none of our work has fallen down or started to peel off the mount board and will only had 2 business cards left and at least half of mine were gone and i had the pleasure of seeing some people actually take some. the private view on tuesday was really busy and the illustration room was mentally hot. everyone had a sweaty face which made it less enjoyable, we actually left an hour early because it got a bit too much. on the wednesday will's mum and nige came down to see it and we got frankie and bennie's for lunch before hand. then on thursday my mum and dad came to see it and we got our first chance to have a proper look at all the other subjects work aswell as our own. there's some really good stuff about this year but equally some quite poor stuff. then they took us to the red lion for dinner which was really nice and the weather held out so we could sit outside which was good. then on saturday nikki and mark came down and we did our guard shift while they wandered around everything else and then they took us out for dinner to the red lion too. good week for free fancy food! (thank you)

i received a letter saying that i owe the uni a load of money but they neglected to tell me what it was for. do they actually expect me to just hand it over without knowing what i've apparently not paid for? i think not.
me and will went to see coraline 3d this afternoon. it was so good. loved it. also loved the pick n mix and ice blast we treated ourselves to. yummy. feel like i need to balance it out with something healthy now though.
bought elle today and got a rather nice free bag. actually quite a decent usable one too. just need to find something to cover up the i <3 urban outfitters logo that's at the bottom.
this is my lunch that will made me today, i feel it was so good it deserves to be shown off. anyway, gonna leave the internet now, the laptop feels like its about to set fire.

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  1. All of the art is so beautiful!

    I hope you don't actually owe that money, and that is was a mistake!