Thursday, 30 July 2009

the last month

spent the last weekend of june trying to get everything out of old house into new flat and everytime we turned round there was something else to take that we'd forgotten but eventually we got everything out. and it has taken till yesterday for us to get connected to the internet, i don't understand how people (including a younger me) coped without it.

this is the last photo i took at old house. as rubbishy as old house was i think this is a pretty good door knocker.

this is what it looked like when we got into new flat. it's a lot more sorted now but still not quite right so an after photo to go with this before will have to wait. even though i haven't quite found a home for everything yet new flat is awesome. i love it.
we have a little patio with cute green chairs and a pretty little table that's screaming for some sort of outside decoration. suggestions on a postcard...
it's been weeded since this photo so it looks a bit less overgrown round the edges. our garden is communal but i've not seen anyone in it except when the gardener comes and it's quite lovely. for some reason we're not allowed to hang washing outside or on display in the windows...ok

we saw a baby crow get fed and then fly off with the feeding parent. it was all fluffy and cute and made one hell of a noise

dad took me to ikea to buy a desk and, after some trying, we actually managed to get it in the car along with a set of drawers, but i had to sit in the back to make it fit so i spent some time taking phone pictures.

the bath in new flat doesn't have a scummy ring round the plug end that can't be scrubbed away like old house so grack got to have a bath and he loved it

we have a massive dining table that's completely stupid for the size of the flat that has 4 chairs with it, all 4 of which seem to have been abused. everytime i lean back to think or rest my back from my bad posture the whole chair leans back too and i think i'm going to fall over. rubbish. need new chairs, and preferably a new, smaller table too.

this is what i made my grandad for a birthday card. i'm quite fond of it.

anyway i'm going to stop now and think about what i'm going to do on my birthday. and probably do a drawing too. if i can rip myself away from the internet, i've missed it so much. i'm so sad.

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