Saturday, 22 August 2009

attendez la creme

will and i went to see Inglorious Basterds the other day. it was so good. tarantino has proved his genius once again, the characters were awesome, the setting was brilliant, the fact that it was done in the languages they should have been speaking made it all the better and it really makes me want strudel. one of my favourite bits is when shoshana's face is projected on the smoke and she's laughing manically, looks amazing. it's just plain awesome you should go see it. we're going again soon.
that's a bin-go!
you just say bingo

today we went to welwyn for a bit of a wander. i wanted the new Dazed and Confused and will was looking at games. i was meant to take my cowboy boots to find out how much it would cost to fix them but i totally forgot so that'll have to wait till next week seeing as they're closed on sundays. rubbish
we went into the bookshop and i came across 'the book of lost things' by john connolly. i liked the cover and the title so i had a look, thought it sounded good and after reading the first page, like any sensible book purchaser would, i decided to spend some of my well saved birthday money on it and am now looking forward to reading it.
we also discovered that whsmiths now do a pick n mix with priced cups rather than weights. i was very good and didn't fill a large cup with strawberry bon bons even though they were looking at me and calling out to be scoffed. i'm proud of me.
the down side of our trip was a lack of starbucks but a mistake was made that means we're going back tomorrow so that's going to be sorted out good and proper.

after looking at all the books in the shop i have decided to join the library so i don't end up spending a fortune. applied online just now and my membership card is apparently on it's way to me in the post.
it seemed a bit too easy.

i'm going to leave you with a thought/tip. if you are a parent with a child in a public place and they're screaming at you to watch whatever stupid trick they're going to do but you don't give a crap and are more interested in talking to your friend you've bumped into, do the world a favour and just look in their direction so they at least think you care. screams of MUM LOOK AT ME MUM YOU DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT ALL MUM WATCH WHAT I CAN DO are not pleasant for the rest of the world even if you have learnt to tune it out. it's a child, you've already dragged it out shopping when it's one of the last things it'd want to be doing, the least you can do is show it some attention so the rest of us don't have to hear it whine.
thank you.

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