Wednesday, 12 August 2009

my birthday

for my birthday will and i went to london to the V&A because i have never been but it seems like the sort of place i would like. and i did like it. we didn't see half of what's there because we only spent the morning there and then went to camden in the afternoon but i'm definately going back soon for the whole day and with my slr. most of the pictures i took were either shaky or the cases are far too shiny but i got a few that i really liked. i'm going to put up the better ones on my flickr so you can go there if you want to see them bigger.

loved these stairs, it's where the next 3 pictures came from too.

wine cooler. that man is normal sized the wine cooler was massive.
will playing with the antiques

these miniature paintings were amazing
i really want the eye brooch and the little box with the stars on

took a picture of this painting because it's the real version of a page in my address book and i was amazed by it.

the sinks in the toilet amazed me after confusing me for a bit
and that's me in the mirror at the back

my birthday cake and will's hand removing candles. it was really yummy

overall, i had an awesome day. didn't take any photos in camden because i was starting to get a bit dehydrated but the stables are looking awesome. i can't wait till they all have sellers in and it's finished properly.

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