Wednesday, 26 August 2009

my name has 2 a's in it and NO e's

the magazine is this month's dazed and confused
my entry for this weeks illustration friday ~ caution

my library card arrived this morning and annoyingly my name is spelt wrong on it. that's only ever acceptable if they write down your name after hearing you say it, but even then i think people should check. but i applied online and they therefore had it written down infront of them and yet they still decide to spell it how they think it should be spelt rather than actually looking at how I spell MY name.
i'm annoyed at all the people whose last name is garrett and have caused me this issue repeatedly my whole life and will, i presume, continue to do so.
(i bet at some point in the future it stops me from getting jobs because people will be looking for becky garrett. but i suppose i'd never find out anyway...)

going to calm down now and email the renting people about how our toilet seat has fallen off and now feels like it's going to fall off again whenever you go anywhere near it.

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