Monday, 17 August 2009

why are you even on the stage. that's my motto

mike came down for the weekend but he's gone now and took his huge telly back with him which i feel isn't really fair. we went to stanborough park and i took some photo's while the boys went in the stream but i took some of my photos on will's camera and will's not here so you'll have to wait for that.

for now you can see some doodles i've done

this one is copied from jamie hewlett but the bottom 2 i did at work so they technically came out of my head. but the purple one is really just an out of my head version of the copied tank girl at the top.

this one i'm especially proud of just because i did it standing up with nothing to lean on in the almost dark waiting for screens to come out or go in.

i went for a walk today. ain't it pretty? yes, yes it is.
i also made a banana bread and some banana bread fairy cakes, seeing as i had loads of brown bananas but only one loaf tin. they smell really good. deciding whether to ice the cakes or not...

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