Wednesday, 23 September 2009

nobody has a love like ours

we went to see away we go today. we were the only people in the screen and our cinema doesn't have it anymore next week. it hasn't been popular here. i think this is sad because i enjoyed it. it made me laugh and made me cry a little bit even though it isn't a sad story. i thought i might find john krasinski's character a little annoying and will thought he was going to either really like it or really not but it turned out that right from the beginning i liked it and burt wasn't a little annoying he was funny. and maya rudolph was really pretty in it.
wow, i just found out they were both voices in shrek the third. weird.
anyway. good film. you should go see it. it's not funny all the way through but it's not meant to be.

i want her coat.
it looks kinda like it's made from a rug.

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