Thursday, 10 September 2009

for the dead travel fast

will and i went to the cinema for an afternoon. both were really good and both brought a tear to my eye.
i'm seriously getting soft.

Christopher Johnson's Son: How many moons does our planet have?
Christopher Johnson: Seven.
Christopher Johnson's Son: This planet only has one. I can't wait to see our planet again... it's bigger than this one, isn't it?
Christopher Johnson: [turns off holographic atlas of what seems to be the Alien home planet] Enough.
Christopher Johnson's Son: We go home now?
Christopher Johnson: Not home, no. This is where we must go. [shows his son an MNU brochure outlining "Sanctuary Park Alien Relocation Camp" aka District 10]
Christopher Johnson: See that tent there? That might be ours.
Christopher Johnson's Son: I want to go home!
Christopher Johnson: We can't go home. Not anymore.

i love christopher johnson

but i think i'm allowed to get teary for hurt locker just because it's one of those films that's so painful to watch. at the end you know it was a really good film but you're not sure if you could make yourself watch it again. i love it when you think a character is a complete ass but it turns out he isn't and you end up really feeling for him even if he is completely insane.

why does too fast for love have the fun house theme in it? or, probably, why does the fun house theme have some of too fast for love in it? gets me everytime i hear it.

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