Tuesday, 22 September 2009


will and i went to london yesterday.
it was really good to get away from hatfield. and i haven't been to london in ages.
it was a shame that we were in london but couldn't go to the la guns/spit like this gig because we were sensible and thought a gig didn't warrant going into overdrafts. we even walked past cyndi rott in camden but i'm pretending the gig wasn't real so i don't get sad. (keep an eye out, my shop is very close to having stuff on it and you should buy things from it when it does exist so i can go to gigs/afford rent and food)
anyway, we sat in trafalgar square with a coffee and did some drawing and photo taking then had a wander round the portrait gallery till i started lagging with need for water and had lunch from pret. we went to tottenham court to be sad that the astoria is gone. it was really odd it not being there. we went to camden but the shops were already shutting and the cheap food is no longer cheap at the end of the night so we headed home with sore walking feet and will made some really good dinner that didn't have to cost us anything.
all in all it was an awesome day.
(and even though it's not with la guns we're probably gonna go see spit like this with tigertailz, bit cheaper and we'll have been paid by then. we shall see.)

some pictures

love the clouds in this photo

i love pigeons.

i took this picture beause the person in the background has really good socks with music notes on and i want them.

we took a detour on the way round to the portrait gallery because i liked the look of this building. turned out it was charing cross train station. it's pretty.

this shop is the prettiest bordered up shop ever.

the astoria is no more. see the gap after the building on the left. should be filled with astoria.

i just had to spend £6.49 on a pen that costs £1.99. ryman have crappy postage rates. as if it costs £4.50 to post a damn pen.
angry at ryman.

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