Thursday, 17 September 2009

literally? no not literally, that's disgusting

loved it.
i'm pretty sure a film hasn't made me laugh so much in absolutely ages.
turns out summer's not really that great a person. but i didn't particularly dislike her. and she did kind of sort tom out coz it made him go after being an architect again.
the bit where he sees his reflection as hans solo is actually genius. pretty much the most genius thing ever.
i'm really glad i get free cinema because even though i was expecting it to be good i don't think i'd have taken the risk of paying for it and if that had happened, i'd have missed out.
i want a wall that is a blackboard.
i liked that when he said all the bits he liked about her he said her knees.
i liked that when he said all the bits he didn't like about her he said her nobbly knees.
why is pickles what cat people call their cats?

i can't wait for it to come out on dvd so it can join the group of films that i put on when i'm by myself and don't want to actually have to watch something coz it's easy and i know it well.

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