Tuesday, 15 September 2009

who, and what, is a private butz?

my 2 new food loves. spicy rice crackers with seaweed and candy corn. mum took me to milton keynes at the weekend and there is a shop there that sells imported american food at ridiculous prices. the candy corn wasn't too bad so i assume it must be dirt cheap in america. there was some cereal for over £7 and hersheys (which tastes like sick as far as i'm concerned and which is quite readily available over here now anyway) and there was marshmallow fluff! now, i had no idea this stuff even existed and i was amazed by it. it must be so bad for you. spreadable marshmallow for toast and such. really wanna try it though. but i settled for candy corn because i've seen it in films and have been curious about what it's like for ages and now i love it. it's like honey in sweet form. and i thought they were gonna be hard but they're not so it doesn't hurt my teeth, yay! (although all the sugar probably sees to that anyway)

also in milton keynes mum brought me this ring. i love it, i don't have many accessories that i actually wear but i really love this.

on the way back from milton keynes we went through woburn and they were having their annual oyster festival (? it's not anywhere that oysters come from so i don't know why they warrant a festival, probably just an excuse to get drunk on a sunny saturday) and there was this batman bouncy slide. with batman and the joker painted at the top and the sides were the shape of the bat bike. i loved it.

these are some drawings i've done. the turkey was drawn from a photo, the train platform and bits of floor were done waiting for the train home from welwyn yesterday and the girl was doodled out of my head while i watched juno and ate noodles.
i have a new strange love for seeing patterns in stuff i.e. the brickwork floor.

the 'benefits investigator' came round today. we were worrying about it because he didn't say what it was for but it turns out it was routine and only lasted 5 minutes and he basically just told us to tell them if anything changed.
worry for nothing.

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