Wednesday, 21 October 2009


i made a fimo tentacle necklace. it's not going to stay on string, i was just testing how it hangs. thinking about it being a new addition to my shop and thinking about whether to paint it or leave it as it is.

this is the crumble i made with apples out of my nan and grandads garden. its the first crumble i've made and the topping was a bit hard rather than crumbly but it still tasted good. and i put loads of cinnamon in it hence the slightly brown colour and that tasted good too.

this tinsel is awesome

this is barry the wood pigeon on our front garden. he's great and has a lady friend called penelope.
i've joined a 'what i wore' group on flickr that doesn't allow photos so you have to draw yourself each day. i thought it was awesome so i joined it and have so far done 2 days. they aren't great but its all good practise. you should check out my flickr and have a look.

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