Wednesday, 7 October 2009

help a poor artist

i made a shop

go spend your money there.
i'm planning on having lots of other stuff up there too and once it's proved a huge success i'll upgrade my website account and be able to make it look pretty but for now i've already upgraded it once today so we'll see how it goes.
hope you like it.

while i was saying goodbye to will earlier the spider that has decided to live over our front door ate a fly. it was scary.
this picture was taken after he had eaten it.
i think we'll need to name him.
although it was quite an efficient yet vicious attack so maybe he's a her.
i wish i wasn't so freaked out by spiders because i find them fascinating but don't really want to look at them.

we got the bike back today along with the thing that punctured it.
2 inches long and blunt.
how on earth did it get in the tyre?!?!?!
it's typical something quite so unfathomable would happen to us.

i'm going to watch some more amanda palmer party on the internet videos that i missed and then watch true blood, quite excited about it after all the hype.

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