Thursday, 29 October 2009

i'm demon speeding

this spider lived outside our front door for a while which also happens to be infront of my window. it tried to eat a leaf the other day that had got caught in its web. then it dropped it and i took this photo and then it ran away to hide in the gutter again. will has since moved it because i was scared it would make babies on our front door. and i was also scared it would fall on my head everytime i went in or out of the house. we went to london for the afternoon before will had to meet his sister and her friend and take them to see lostprophets (he hated it, he took them because he's lovely and they needed looking after) and went to the national gallery. trafalgar square had this screen set up as part of the london film festival, it's inflatable and amazing. the other day will went and got me cakes for breakfast (told you he was lovely) and he came back with halloween cakes! the orange one in the background had really thick icing and was so so tastey. the one at the front is a scary biscuit! actually what it's called in the shop. awesome. it was also really tastey.
he looked sad when will started pulling his legs off.
and slightly confused when he was left without any legs at all.

it was half term this week and 'micheal jackon's this is it' came out on wednesday which equals to lots of hours at work. i think my feet almost fell off last night after 3 days of massive shifts in a row. next week is even longer. i felt a bit dirty at work yesterday. we're selling t-shirts, posters and the cd to go with 'this is it'. and they had the cd on, quite loudly, in the screens and the foyer and the toilets. seriously 7 hours of it on repeat drove me insane. i don't like people trying to make money out of someones death. if he hadn't died it would have just been extras on a live dvd. i understand people want to see it because the gigs didn't happen but there shouldn't be merchandise for it. all people are interested in is making money, however they get it. nevermind.
there was a good point to work yesterday though, while i was wiping round the sinks in the toilets a lady patted me on the shoulder and said "you're doing a really good job." bless her. i must have looked really fed up for her to feel the need to be nice to me. contrasted with the lady that got angry at me because there weren't any booster seats left she was like a saint.
the booster seat lady was annoying. i'd already had to say to so many other people that i was sorry but they were all being used at the moment and she was the only person that didn't just say oh well and walk off. she actually told me to find her one. what am i meant to do? steal one from a small child?
not looking forward to a massive week at work. but at least it'll be more money.
also i'm annoyed that the only 2 days i have off next week are the only 2 days will's working because the person that does his rota wanted those days off too. including halloween because he's going to see x factor. seriously. on halloween! idiot.

i seriously need a new job. or once i've set up my shop properly for it to be an instant massive success so i can just live off that. what? i can dream.

anyway, we went to tesco today and got 2 pumpkins. one for the table and one for the window. i bet nosey lady will love it.

we are excited about halloween (even if will does have to spend most of it at work)
by the way, that's rob zombie on the telly. perfect pumpkin carving viewing.

the pumpkins are looking really good if i do say so myself. but i'm not unveiling them to the world till saturday.

this is our lamp avec halloween decoration. i think you'll agree it looks brilliant.

i'm going to go see what food colours we have in preparation for spooky food on saturday.

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