Saturday, 10 October 2009

more human than human

will and i went to see up yesterday and i loved it so so much. even though it made me cry.
a lot.
like proper streaming, wet neck cry.
but it also made me laugh a lot. pixar are awesome.
and then i had to go to work and when i got home will had made me an ellie badge out of a lid from a glass bottle of coke.
i love will.

i found this guy on the floor today. i thought it was funny, will just said he's meant to be on a horse. i disagree, if he was meant to be on a horse he would have something to attach him to the horse like toys do. and on the back it says 'Made for McD's' so i assume he came from a happy meal and those toys are really bad so i doubt there's a detachable horse somewhere, but i'm probably wrong.
he's got quite a pair of thighs...

(will has since come home and seen him again and laughed lots, earlier he saw him at work in my hand rather than standing proudly on the computer)

have you seen the new fame film, at the end there's that tribal dance and they do that sideways crab walk thing. that's what i reckon he's doing.
it's clearly part of a poor line of mcdonalds/fame toys.

(to clarify, i haven't gone to see fame, its just a 'perk' of the job that i see the end of all films a hundred times.)
this is what i'm spewing out of my art hole at the moment. i think it's going quite well personally. if it turns out good i might have it as a print for sale on my website?

urgh at work today we had the football match on. (which i disagree with, its a place for films not smelly football people) and someone came up to gsp, where lucky ol' me was standing checking tickets, with his food from mcdonalds actually on the tray. i'm pretty sure they're not for taking. that's why they ask if your eating in or not and if you're not they put it in a bag for you so you can carry it easily.
anyway, i said, sorry you're not allowed to take the food into the screen, you'll have to eat it before you go in. so he starts scoffing his burger in the most attractive way i've ever seen someone eat something (thats probably a lie) and then says to his 'mate' 'what shall i do with this?' waving his stolen tray around and his 'mate' takes it off him and jams it sideways onto the gsp next to me and manky mcdonalds lettuce goes everywhere and he doesn't even care or apologise, just walks off as though mission accomplished.
so for reference, next time you steal a tray from mcdonalds and then realise you have no need for it just put it somewhere inappropriate for someone else to clear up. why should you care about it? you have more important things to worry about, like football and working on that dirty pub floor smell you carry around with you.

(to clarify, i don't think everyone that likes football steals trays from mcdonalds and smells like dirty pub but based on experience a certain amount do)

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