Thursday, 1 October 2009

"never go full retard"

we've been cinema-ing it up recently. saw dorian gray and the soloist on monday and on tuesday we went to see moon. dorian gray was good, haven't finished reading the book so i can't compare but i liked it. don't go if you don't like naked rudeness. apparently a guy went to see it with his 15 year old daughter and wanted his money back because it was embarrassing. idiot. did he know what it was about before he left the house? look things up if you're going to be offended by things.
the soloist was quite eye opening. 90,000 homeless people in greater L.A. i really don't like jamie foxx but i can't deny him his acting skills. and i love robert downey jr. and they were both really good.
moon was immense. oh my god. i think will's actually in love with it. it made me cry. because a clone was dying! that's how good it is. you care about clones. i can't actually describe how good it was, partly because i'm not good with words but mostly because it was so awesome. see it. sam rockwell is brilliant and kevin spacey as gerty with his little emoticon screen, aw! i want to see it again!

on wednesday will was at work so i played with make up. like ya do. now i realise to most people it doesn't look like much but i normally wear none. if i'm feeling fancy i'll put on some eyeliner. i went all out and did the foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. i don't think it went too badly. but oh my god, cleaning it off after is a pain. don't understand how people bother every day.

and today i hate the council, had a bit of a crisis (stop sniggering will, top gear has ruined that word for me) and cleaned the house. will's at work again but should be home soon and he's bringing tom with him. be nice to see him, haven't since uni. haven't really seen anyone. saw marc before moon, some odd coinsidence he was there to see it too with some of his friends.

also the bike has a chunk of metal in the back tyre. yeah, thanks shitty careless people who don't bother to pay any attention to nails, tacks and the such like. how about clearing up after yourself
once in a while. 3rd time since we've been at uni now. here's hoping it's not too bad and we can scrape the money together to get it sorted. please be nice bike fixer people. (can you sense that when it comes to anything bike related i don't actually know what i'm talking about? i think it must be moments like this at my most 'girly')

woohoo, will and tom are on their way here and are bringing indian food.

batfink yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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