Tuesday, 10 November 2009

the devil is a loser and he's my bitch

will and i had a cinema day (3 films) and it turned out quite an amazing day what with the free coffee and a £50 asda voucher.
and none of the films sucked which is always nice.

we went to see the fourth kind which wasn't make you jump scary but 'oh my god it might actually be real if you really think about it why can't i completely disregard it' scary.

then we got free coffee because we were looking at the sandwich's and the coffee maker lady said 'if you buy one of these sandwich's your drinks will be free' and pointed towards the till so we purchased 2 of the 4 going out of date sandwich's which was awesome because free stuff is always awesome.

then we watched fantastic mr fox. i'm in love with that film.
'even these apples look fake. but at least they have stars on them'

then we watched jennifers body. which should have been better than it was but i still enjoyed it. i have a funny feeling we've ended up with a cut up version in an attempt to make us like it better than america did when really all i noticed it did was cut out some of the bits that are then repeated later as though you're meant to remember them saying it before but they didn't. and that's just stupid.
what wasn't stupid though was the sticker toilet.
diablo cody is a genius.

what was also stupid was the group of girls sitting near us. really, do i need to hear you squeal 'sweetie time' before you eat your pick n mix? one of them thought megan fox was a boy at the beginning when it does a close up of her scratching her arm and then chewing a piece of her hair before it zooms out and you actually see her. and then her friend laughed and said 'yeah like a boy would have long enough hair'.
imagine that. a boy with long enough hair to put a bit in his mouth.
i can't even comprehend it.

also at work there has been an incentive to sell as many opc cards as possible. they put us in teams and the team that sold the most cards got prizes. i don't work on the tills anymore so i didn't sell any. our team leader won us the competition on his own. literally. we had a total of 422 cards sold. he sold 405. the team that came second sold 400 i think. or something like that but he would have won without a team. and i got a £50 asda voucher for it!
which is amazing because we got a gastricity bill the other day and i don't even have enough money in my bank account to pay it so not having to pay for food for a few weeks will be nice.

p.s. amanda seyfried is better looking than megan fox. by a big margin. just had to throw that out there.

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