Sunday, 22 November 2009

dr sketchy's

will and i went to dr sketchy's on saturday afternoon. we really enjoyed it, it was so much fun. the performers (buck fast and annette bette) were brilliant and the compere (spencer maybe) did his job wonderfully and kept it all really easygoing and comfortable. and the pub it was held in, the paradise, was beautiful. i could go there just to look at it for an afternoon. it was amazing.
here are a few of the drawings i did. i didn't do anything amazing but i didn't care because i enjoyed it so much anyway.

this is spencer maybe. we had one minute and weren't allowed to look away from him or take our pencil off the page. he told someone off for looking down and i got confused which is why his body ended up shifted across slightly.

buck fast 5 minutes.
annette bette 1 minute

the last pose, annette bette for 10 min and she sat down so all i could see was the guy that was sat at the front in the middle. hence him making an appearance in the drawing. i'm sure he got more in the way as the afternoon went on.

this is will with spencer maybe winning free entry to a future dr sketchy's with a drawing of buck fast being wrapped up by an octopus. well done will :)
by the way, the guy at the side in his pants is buck fast, in case you couldn't guess.

this blur of light is annette bette.

this is annette bette during her performance. the guy in the pink shirt is the one that's all black and in the way in my drawing.

and this is kensal green tube station.

overall, it was awesome and we're definately going again.

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