Thursday, 5 November 2009

remember, remember

will is at work tonight (as one of us always is on days we want to do something, or just generally when the other one is off) so we couldn't go to the fireworks display at hatfield house. i could hear them and see them from our kitchen window. this made me sad. but i still couldn't stop myself from taking a few photos.
there was a tree in the way of the fireworks from my house hence the silhouette in the top picture. but i think it's quite cool, looks like a tree made out of sparks.

and it wasn't too bad because while i was sitting by myself feeling lonely my mum harnessed her psychic powers and phoned me which cheered me up a bit. and she told me it was all sorted that they were coming to take me out on graduation day. i have decided not to go to the ceremony, will decided not to go either but then his mum said she wanted to go so he's going for her so i'm really glad mum and dad are coming down because it would've been another thing i had to spend on my own otherwise. not that they would've let my graduation pass unnoticed if i wasn't going to be on my own.

i read the back of this bottle of mead the other day and was amazed.

i just purchased some envelopes for some christmas cards i'm making for mum. i was quite excited deciding which ones to get.
maybe i need to get a life.
or maybe i like that i get excited by envelopes.

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