Thursday, 10 December 2009

bargains galore

will's nan and grandad came down last week and came with homemade gifts. jams, pickled onions and pickled cabbage. i would like to point out that the jam pots are a normal jam pot size. the onions and cabbage pots are quite a bit bigger (the cabbage pot is shockingly huge). i haven't tried the jams yet but we had some of the onions and cabbage with lunch today and they're scrummy.
homemade rules.

this bag is awesome.

we went round the charity shops yesterday and found this bowl. i think it's meant to be a fruit bowl, it's big, made of clay, lovely and only one pound. bargain. and will be perfect in the middle of the table with holly round it once we've decorated for christmas.

will saved some flowers from the reduced bucket yesterday while i was at work. they're really pretty and really nice to come home to.

in the same trip as the bowl finding i also found myself a little skecthbook covered in velvet. it's so cute...

...and only 75p!

i love cheap things.

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