Saturday, 19 December 2009

jingle bell rock

the other day we went to stevenage and then st albans to get some christmas bits and we were properly frozen when we got to st albans so we headed straight for starbucks and their massive mugs of hot goodness. it took a while before i could feel my toes again but eventually i was heated up thanks to the huge amount of hot chocolate and the toasties and the cakes which weren't warm but were awesome and we headed out for the shopping. seriously, only the hardcore can have a motorbike as their main mode of transport in this weather, it's a painfully cold way to travel.

i'd got up early that morning coz we had loads to do and it's the first time i've seen the sun come up from the flat. and it was pretty. we have a good view.

on thursday we put up our tree. it is the best tree ever. this is me in a bauble.

we bought a plastic green fir type ring base for our wreath then will got in the holly bush outside and attached holly all round it and i made a bow from some christmasy ribbon and attached it at the bottom and within a few hours of it going on the door it snowed and added to it's beauty.

this is will painting our salt dough decorations. we made some for the tree because we're like children. but better. and it was really fun. i definately recommend it. they have been attached to the tree with red and green ribbon and look brilliant.

i'm feeling really christmasy now. mum's coming down tomorrow to take us to the supermarket to get all our food and even though i know everyone in the shop will make me angry i'm still looking forward to getting all the christmas food.

in other news, i've got my first card design ready for my shop and once i get paid i'm going to order the envelopes and put it, along with more designs, on my website so keep an eye out.

i'm going to go wrap will's presents and eat soup.

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