Tuesday, 8 December 2009

wisdom teeth are stupid. fact.

the past couple of weeks have been a bit confusing. on the one hand a load of good stuff happened and on the other i've been in awful pain.
firstly i found this photo of will and i at dr sketchy's. we look like we're concentrating so hard.

will decided that for his birthday he wanted to go to the national gallery the day before and then have a film day on his actual birthday. so we headed of to trafalgar square for some culture.
i did this drawing.

while we were looking at this painting there was a school group being taught about a painting of the execution of lady jane gray. afterward there was a little girl near us with a teacher and she said 'has her head already been chopped off?' and the teacher pointed at the painting and said 'no, look' and the little girl said 'no, but in real life'. haha. child logic, what year does she think is being shown in the painting?

trafalgar square is pretty at night.

the next day was will's birthday. i woke up with a sore mouth but tried to mostly ignore it.
the card will got from his mum had a bit to tear off and make into a plane. it didn't fly very well but it was amazing.

she also got him some boots which he was very pleased with as you can tell.
we went to the pub for lunch. we shared a greek salad, nachos and some onion rings. this is the last nacho covered in everything. how nachos should be.

the next day i woke up in even more pain and actually phoned the doctor. this shows the pain because i always give stuff as long as possible to go away on its own before i go to the doctor so to make an emergency appointment the day i wake up in actual agony shows it was agony not just me whinging.
anyway, i went to the doctor and she said my gum was infected and put me on antibiotics. bye bye bottle of wine i brought yesterday but only had one glass of. and bye bye solid food. it hurt so much i could barely eat. whenever my tongue moved and touched my gum, it hurt and i couldn't put my teeth together without biting the swollen gum anyway.
9 days of mushy food and emotions followed.

then it was sunday, time to go and see alice cooper courtesy of mum and dad. ain't they good.

it was awesome. alice cooper was amazing as always and it was being recorded for a dvd which is quite exciting. and they were magic, on your way out you could buy a usb stick with a sound recording of the show on it. mum and dad got one. i'll have to borrow it and listen to its brilliance.

when i have less of a headache i'm going to go through the alice photos and crop the good ones so you can actually see them. i don't like to use the zoom too much coz i'm so shakey it tends to ruin the photo but i have some that look promising.

then the day after (yesterday) i had to go to the dentist. remember all that pain i mentioned? not so bad that its waking me up all night anymore but there's something wrong with it enough that i can't eat properley.

the dentist robbed me.
and shoved a syringe (pointy metal thing that she had to point out wasn't an injection because otherwise you wouldn't have known) into my swollen gum gap to wash out the infection.
it hurt.
and she's put me back on antibiotics.
and i have to go back for a 20min cleaning. which is where most of the robbery came from.
£50 to have my teeth cleaned. that amount of money would feed us for 2 weeks. bye bye food.(or anything else for that matter)
she also x-rayed my teeth which wasn't pleasant but at least it didn't hurt.
my mouth is feeling a lot better now though. still can't quite put my teeth together without biting my gum but it almost doesn't hurt at all now.

i have done a painting of a cute thing. it's going to be a card available on my shop once i've found the right paper to print them on and got myself all the envelopes and packaging stuff.
hopefully from now on my life can have so much going on without any of the pain and dentistry.
at least for a while.
and some more funding would be nice.

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