Sunday, 31 January 2010

are you sitting comfortably?

then i'll begin.

once upon a time (yesterday) there was a girl who worked at a cinema. sometimes this job makes her feel a bit cinderella-ey in that she works really hard and some other people don't so much and she gets grief from customers for things that aren't her fault and she gets paid almost nothing for the privilege.

every now and then however, something good happens.

the girl was in the cleaning cupboard when one of the boys that works at the cinema said "look, that boy at retail looks like ron weasley"

"who, where?"

"wait for him to turn round, that boy in the leather jacket. he looks like a shorter, fatter ron weasley."

the boy at retail turned a little and the girl saw that yeah he did look a bit like ron weasley.

the girl headed across the foyer to carry on with clearing up after people and saw the ron weasley look-a-like again but properly and thought to herself "hang on a minute, that actually might be ron weasley"

she mentioned to her colleague that he looked far too much like ron weasley for it to not actually be him and then watched as a little boy had his photo taken with him.

as ron weasely walked past them into screen 1 the girl and boy looked on in amazement that it was actually ron weasley and then spent the rest of their shift laughing that he had been pointed out as a 'shorter, fatter version'.

the end.

p.s. he didn't look at all fat but they must put him on a box or something when they're filming him next to harry and co.

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