Friday, 1 January 2010

christmas at mum and dad's

on boxing day will went to norfolk for a couple of days to see his family and i went and stayed with mum and dad for a night that turned into 2 nights.

at mum and dad's house there was festiveness and really nice food. i also stole dad's chair. he doesn't mind. his are the feet that appear in this picture.

their house was so festive that even the phone had a bow on it. which i loved.
this is curious hugh. he was my present to mum and dad. he has joined the menagerie that is growing around their house.

brian the gnome.

norman the duck.

keith the giraffe.

all with added festive-ness.

the day after boxing day we went to nan and grandad's house and on the way home we got bagels and then mum cooked up some bacon and egg and look how perfect it was. it was runny enough that you could squeeze it through the bagel hole but cooked enough that it didn't pop. mum has skills.

mum and dad have a new bathroom. i love it. it has old fashioned taps.

and i'm going to steal these jars next time i stay.

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