Tuesday, 12 January 2010

i've had a productive day

i drew this little fellow this afternoon. he's going to be turned into a bookmark. and then i'm going to sell him in my shop. i've decided to do a whole selection of bookmarks so he won't be the only one. and they'll be made all pretty too. now i just need to find where i can buy sticky back plastic from to cover them in.

another idea i've had for my shop is cushion covers. the plan is to make the covers myself and then print on them too. so today i got my sewing machine out and had a go at a mini cover with some scraps. it went alright for a first attempt. handmade stuff isn't meant to be perfect anyway...
i need some fabric scissors though. mine are really blunt, not so good for cutting fabric straight.

this is almost 6 inches of free kit kats.
free = awesome

it's the work party tonight. will's working and i'm staying home. it was rubbish last year and this year with 'insert name here' preparing it with things like 'no stupid jeans or trainers' on the letter about the party happening and 'don't fucking touch' written on a cardboard standy with holes in it i don't think it'll be the most fun.
seriously why couldn't they have just put 'the dress code is formal'. or even just cut out the stupid. and whatever happened to manners. 'please don't touch' would be a hell of a lot more effective as far as i'm concerned.
i'm going to watch the hairy bikers and have a cup of tea instead and it'll be a lot more enjoyable.
and then we have 3 whole days off together! including a trip to the theatre courtesy of will's mum's christmas present of tickets to see phantom of the opera.
we're excited :)

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