Sunday, 24 January 2010

living dead girl

i didn't realise my face would be in the photo but couldn't be bothered to take another one, and another one until i got it right.

i 'made' this t-shirt. by 'made' i mean i printed on it. i think it came out pretty damn good.
incase you don't know, and i know it'd bother you, it's a rob zombie song.

today was a pretty relaxed sunday. we even went for a walk. to the co op, to buy a bag of salad. nowhere pretty.
on the way home we walked past the old house. someone is actually living in it! there is no way you could have fixed all the problems by now so they must be living in an awful house too.
then will had to go to work because the guy that should have been working hurt his leg. numpty.

i did some bookmark making. the shops contents is getting on quite well even if the website is still a bit untouched.

and then i made the nice dinner we were meant to have together and had half while internet-ing and listening to records. oh yes, on an actual record player. everyone that doesn't have one, you're missing out.

as an ending thought, i can't believe america say bangs instead of fringe. i always thought bangs was just the word for that short rockabilly betty page type fringe?
i'm obviously just uncultured.

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