Friday, 15 January 2010

phantom of the opera

we had a day out yesterday. for christmas will's mum got us tickets to go see the phantom of the opera so we decided to make a day of it and went to the national gallery in the afternoon.

we went and had tea and cake in the gallery cafe and looked at paintings on their awesome computer library thingy. will bought me this amazing cake. it was raspberry icing and it was so good i got will to help me eat it. coz i'm nice like that.

we sat on one of the comfy benches and did some drawing

then we went to pizza hut for dinner. i completely don't see the 'my fave' as part of the writing so i thought our waiter was called salim nachos. i'm kind of sad that he isn't.

will is excited by food. so am i but there isn't a picture to prove it.

we weren't allowed to take photos inside but here we are with the poster.
the building itself was beautiful and the show was magic. the costumes, the set, the make up, the actors themselves. i love the phantom. even if he does do killings. christine is stupid.
we want to go again.

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