Friday, 8 January 2010

snow and a drawing

people should stop whinging about the snow and just enjoy it. so you have to have a day off. it won't kill you. stay home, drink hot drinks and look at bird feet prints because they are cuter than whatever you were meant to be doing that day.*

if you look carefully in this photo the tracks lead to wing prints from where the bird took off. i was amazed by it.

i did a picture. watercolour and a piece of scrap material over the dress. i can't decide which crop i like?

also i saw today on someones blog, and then i googled it to check, that polaroid have said they're going to start making 600 film again! i'm so excited, i actually squeeked.

*anyone that has actually had trouble with the snow i know it can be rubbish. i'm only referring to the stupids. most of which don't actually need a day off. ever heard of walking?

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