Tuesday, 26 January 2010

trip to london

me and will went to london yesterday. it was good. we went to paperchase which was, as always, a wonderland. then we walked round to charing cross, had pizza hut buffet (yum) and went to forbidden planet where i finally got myself a copy of who killed amanda palmer (book) then we headed off to the national gallery to do some drawing and on the way found an art shop which was heaving with people because it had massive discounts which is pretty awesome. except they don't sell any lino cutting stuff. wood chisels, sure, but lino cutting tools, who on earth would want such odd things?
can't find lino stuff anywhere.

i gave will some money to go buy us tea in the national gallery 'espresso bar' and it turned out to be the funniest £5 note we've seen. (it came out of my purse like that, we didn't draw on it. that's what made it funny)

i decided i couldn't draw the painting we sat infront of so i did a doodle then drew the doorways down to the other side of the gallery from where we were.
we have added to our pizza hut name tag collection. yesterday we were served by agnes lasagne.

the train journey home was full of office folk. they all looked so sad and unfullfilled. i don't understand why so many people think thats how they should live. yeah you've got loads of money but it's clearly not making you happy.
while we're in london they all do my head in, pushing past me, getting in the way, running around like they're really important and not having any manners or respect for us unimportant non office people but i actually felt sorry for the people on our train. they all looked so depressed.
but it's their own faults.

will looked up where had this book on the internet and said that forbidden planet had some copies left that had been signed when neil gaiman and amanda palmer had done a signing there last year. we went to have a look but none of them had one of the little 'this book is signed' stickers but i got it anyway because it's a beautiful book. i un wrapped it from it's plastic when i got home and it's signed!
i'm so happy.
it made a good day even better.
and then will cooked a fry up and we watched lots of qi episodes on the iplayer.

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