Tuesday, 9 February 2010

brooches cupcakes bookshelves skulls

yesterday will and i went to london to find a printmakers shop i'd found on the internet and to pick up a leatherbound notebook my mum wanted from covent garden market. we were getting ready to leave and tom text will saying he was going to london today, did we want to join him. weird.
we went to the printshop then met tom in covent garden. the printshop was amazing. i got some red fabric paint for my silk screen and a pack of random paper to have a play with. i also touched all the samples and wrote down the ones i liked the best so i could order some off their website rather than carrying it round london in the snow.

the book my mum wanted wasn't there because it was an antique market rather than the one my mum saw at the weekend which is a shame but i did end up with this brooch.

isn't it awesome. will got it for me. i love it.

then tom turned up and we wandered for a bit getting more and more frozen looking for a pub that did food at a reasonable price. we ended up in the slug and lettuce on leicester square and it was 50% off monday! bargain.
then we headed to the national gallery stopping off at the art shop on the way.

will got me a cupcake and a cup of tea because he's awesome like that.
we sat in the national gallery for a bit and then tom had to run back to hatfield (not literally, obviously) and we went to paperchase where i found some card that will hopefully be turned into covers for notebooks.
i love paperchase.

when we got home we put up my little bookshelf to go next to my desk. i cleared some stuff off my desk onto it today and i'm in the mood for working now that i have a proper space.
in this picture you can see fabulous bruno, the rhino will got from the art shop the other week. he's infront of the flowers on the table. he's beautiful.

the last bunch of flowers will got me are mental. this is another crazy growth.

i tried out making flower brooches. i'm really enjoying myself at the moment with all this making of things.

the beginnings of more skull brooches, waiting for the paint to dry.
i can't wait till my shop is up and running.

on our way home this afternoon will stopped and said is that a skull and picked something up and it was. a little pigeon skull. will's cleaned it and it's now sitting in the kitchen waiting for a home. we need to find a good way to display it. i love skulls, they're fascinating.

we're going to see 'the wolfman' tomorrow. i'm so excited. i've been looking forward to it for ages.

and then the massive work week begins. i hate half term. i have a huge week at work this next rota. it's annoying, i need the money but i don't like my job so i want to be there as little as possible. and the more time i'm at 'work' the less time i have at home to concentrate on making art my job. oh well, i'll just have to grit my teeth and get on with it till i can find something else to pay the rent with.
i'll have to make sure tomorrow is super productive to make up for the days i won't be able to do anything.

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