Sunday, 7 February 2010

i'm a little teapot...

today the ma and pa came over and took me to the supermarket to buy food and then to hobbycraft to buy felt and to argos to buy a bookshelf and then they even took me out for lunch/dinner. they are awesome.

they gave me and will their old teapot. it's from cornwall. i'm so looking forward to our first massive pot of tea.
i did my first tries at felt brooches. one is stuffed and one isn't. i think they turned out quite well for a first attempt.

mum and dad also brought soil with them so i could give the baby aloe veras their own home and the adult aloe vera some more space. i hope i haven't broken them or anything.

it was a good day. a shame will had to work instead of coming along but we get to go on an adventure tomorrow.

i am listening to the score from 'the road'. will being the genius that he is spent the rest of his hmv voucher on it and it's beautiful. it's written by nick cave and warren ellis and if you like music you should buy it too.

i am so tired. i'm going to go to bed stupid early and read my new library book.

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  1. Those brooches and that pot have to be the cutest things ever. And your first attempt?? DANG you're talented. :D