Thursday, 4 February 2010

new start

the other day i realised something.
i realised that i absoloutely hate trying to make the computer and the printer communicate in a way that will make the printer realise that there are 2 different types of brown in the image. not just always that same orangey brown it loves no matter what colour brown it actually is.
and i also realised that it's not just when i print 2 types of brown that there's a problem.
i realised that this works me up so much that it takes the enjoyment out of making images.
i came to the conclusion that i needed to not need printers in order to re-produce my work.
this has resulted in me disregarding what i had as a portfolio and starting again.
from scratch.
i'm gonna say yes.
i am now working on getting together a portfolio and making enough stock to open up my very own little online shop.
and that's exciting.
at the moment i only have scraps of paper with vague ideas/designs and no actual finished pieces.
that's the scary part.
i'm on the road to something good. i can feel it.
i just have to get there and it'll be fun.
i have decided on how i am making my work now and it's all things i have done and enjoyed before, i just need to refine my skills and create things.
because that is what it is all about for me.
making things.
i get so much joy out of creating stuff.
it really makes me proud.
i don't want to taint that with the frustration i get from trying to reproduce it through the computer.
i realise there are going to be other things that are frustrating and challenging and that's fine but if i can remove something from my art process that creates so much anger then i think i should.
i want to make art for a living because i love it and i don't want anything to tarnish that.

so, i'm going to leave my website until i have everything sorted so it can all go live at the same time but i'll post stuff on here and flickr as it gets made and hopefully entice some people to check out the website/shop when it does get sorted.

wish me luck!

also, on a lighter note, look at how this flower is deformed.

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  1. Good Luck! I always feel good about a fresh start even if it means leaving some things behind.