Thursday, 11 February 2010


before work today i did some art. i made some more skull brooches for my soon to exist shop and cut out a robot for printing.

getting rolled up paper to lay flat is difficult, no matter how many heavy things you put on it.

earlier today i saw once on twitter about a girl who's work had clearly been stolen and used in a paperchase design.
then i went to work for 5 and a half hours.
i come home and there are a few links to the newspaper articles about it. seriously, whoever the 'artist' for the design company that sells stuff to paperchase is should just fess up. if it's a coincidence that your girl is almost identical you're rubbish because she's not at the right angle to be leaning on that mushroom anyway!

i also came home to the news that alexander mcqueen has died.
i have never been a fashion boffin but i do indulge in fashion magazines now and again for inspiration and he was definately one of the designers that stood out to me and i am shocked.

slightly odd evening.

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