Tuesday, 23 March 2010


i'm feeling more settled recently so i'm going to try and do a sketch a day again, i didn't do it for very long last time. but i was still in the horrid house and at stupid uni.
i think it'll be particularly important on days like today when i don't have anything specific that i can get on with creatively but i should still do something art based.

this went alright i think, though her facial features aren't quite angled enough for the tilt of her head. or they're just wrong. faces are my downfall. and in my lazyness i decided to not even try and add the tattoos. but at least i did something while i was being lazy on the sofa rather than just being lazy on the sofa.

last night will made hotdogs with chilli. and he actually made the chilli, none of that out of a tin nonsense for us. and there's some left for lunch!! i'm actually excited and i don't even care.


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