Monday, 29 March 2010

4,5,6,7 /365

4/365 sketches for a new 'thing' for the shop.

5/365 very quick and without using a rubber. just the first lines that went down.

6/365 drawn in the dark dark back corner of the cinema while i watched nanny mcphee 2 after work waiting for will to finish.

7/365 some copied rufus dayglo from 'visions of booga' and some stuff that i could see from the sofa.

hoping to have a really productive day today but it's already later than i wanted it to be and i feel so worn out. the last 3 days i had as many hours at work as i normally do in a whole week. which isn't much, but i'm not used to it. and now i have my one day off before back to work again. i so hope i find a nicer job soon, and i hope even more that it won't be too long before i can survive off my art alone.
which is partly down to you buying pretty things off me, so get ready for that :) i think i'm aiming for the site to be up and running by easter monday *fingers crossed*


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