Monday, 1 March 2010

back pain and brooches

will came into the living room last night and found me like this:

and proceeded to abuse me with the camera:

the flash almost blinded me. i spent the next few minutes watching little purple things chase each other round the ceiling.

this is not a good picture, infact i'm off to cut my face out of it... but it shows off my pretty dress. aw pretty. doesn't mr.wilde look lovely...

i was laying on the floor because the cinema is trying to kill me with back pain (i seriously need to make money a different way) and i need a new chair for my desk because the one i've got at the moment isn't low enough.

yesterday mummy came to see me :)
we went into welwyn and had a wander round but there isn't really much to look at. i got some threads i needed and we had cute attacks in the pet shop then went and had some tea. she also bought me and will a cup of pick n mix from smiths. we are happy.

then i came home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening making these. not just these 2 but lots of them for the shop. i'm excited, there's more and more stuff for my website all the time. i'm hoping by the end of march it'll be up and running but i still have a lot to do.

by the way, will wasn't abusing me on purpose, his camera flash is just freakishly bright.


p.s. hi march, you're looking rather lovely this morning. i hope you make this sort of effort every day.

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