Tuesday, 30 March 2010

coffee shops

2 seperate visits to 2 seperate places.
every now and then we treat ourselves.
and it's good.

i have a cold. i feel rubbish. i always get a cold after a long weekend at work, i can't mix so much with the public, i catch all their germs. i'd much rather stay inside not catching germs making art and only venture out to see something pretty.
yes i'm a hermit.
normally it only lasts a day but i had it yesterday and now i still have it today and i have to go back to work again. i'm sure that'll make it more fun.
oh well i'll have to just deal with it.
at least it's only a cold.

on the up side, yesterday we ventured into welwyn and i bought things for packing shop items. i love stationary, i got quite excited carrying my little pile of envelopes.


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