Saturday, 6 March 2010

did you steal my tarts?

i don't feel like i've done much the past couple of days but i have made these notebooks for the shop.

i've ordered some small prints as a test of print/paper quality etc to see if i want to order some proper sized prints, so hopefully they'll be arriving in the post soon. i love getting post even if i have sent it to myself.
i also need to go into london to get more card for notebook covers.
and i just generally need some more designs for things.
hello? inspiration? are you there???
i'm sure it'll kick in again soon. i think i'm feeling a bit stuck because i have a few vague ideas but they aren't quite ready to exist yet. in the mean time i'm going to try food shopping online for the first time and i'm going to drink tea in the hope that it will turn the ideas into real things.
tea is magic like that.

oh and go see tim burton's alice in wonderland. will took me to test run the 2d copy and it was brilliant.
johnny depp's mad hatter is actually mad and a little scary. awesome. i want a ring that is a small pin cushion. and i think i'm in love with helena bonham carter, 'i love my fat boys'. in fact, the whole cast is amazing.
go see it!!!! we're going again next week.
(i think 3d is silly. just because it's new, which it mostly isn't anyway, doesn't mean it's better)

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