Monday, 1 March 2010

embroidery and blood

today i did this:

it was a drawing i'd already done, i just used carbon paper to trace it onto the fabric and then sewed round the lines. the slightly pinkish glow on the lines is the tracing line. you're meant to do that on the back so you can't see it but seeing as it was just a test to see if my pictures would look good like this i did it on the front so it was easier to follow.

guess what?

i stabbed myself with the needle. that would be my bleeding thumb. i'm amazed at how perfectly round it came out, it doesn't look real.

i walked as far as town with will when he went to work for a bit of fresh air and then took a scenic route home seeing as the sun was out. it has been a good first day of the month, still cold but i could feel the sun on my legs, it was awesome.
anyway the day isn't finished yet. i'm going to find myself some dinner and then have a think about some new brooch designs i have in my head.

also if you use a printer for printing good quality (like sellable as art or use in a portfolio good) prints of images i'd appreciate it if you let me know what make the printer is and any thoughts you have on it. we need a new printer and we don't even really know where to start looking so hearing about some first hand experience would be helpful.


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