Sunday, 21 March 2010

sunglasses, toadstools, the wonders of the internet

i have to show off my new sunglasses. i saw them with will a couple of weeks ago and it was on my list of things to buy if i had any money left this pay day. i went out with mum and dad yesterday and they bought them for me because they're lovely :)
you may think, 'what's the big deal, they're just black sunglasses...'

look at the inside!! i know it's the inside and you can't see it when you're wearing them but i don't care, they're awesome. and you can see a bit of the red round the edges which is quite cool.
anyway, i'm in love with them and i'm really chuffed that i don't have to spend another year squinting.

also yesterday i made another set of notebooks.

i'm excited, my website is well on it's way to being awesome.

also yesterday i took part in the 'day in the life of' group on flickr. which is essentially just taking loads of photos throughout the day and then showing them off. it's quite cool becuase it makes you think more about what you're doing throughout the day just incase it'd make a cool photo whereas i'd normally just get on with it and then later think 'hang on i should have taken a photo of that' and it's too late.

here's my set so you can have a look if you choose

and i have to mention, last night i listened to a live stream of amanda palmer's performance in poland. i'm amazed by it. i was in the uk peeling potatoes and hearing her be amazing in poland at the actual time it was actually happening!
and i am now even more excited about the evelyn evelyn gig in april!


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