Saturday, 24 April 2010

amanda palmer

the past 2 days have been amazing so i'm going to give each day a post of it's own.
this is thursday.

we headed off to the train station and got on the train to london. i all of a sudden realised i didn't have the tickets. seriously, first time ever that i've forgotten something like that, i felt like a complete idiot. i'd even got them out of the envelope and looked at them earlier that afternoon. we had to get off at the next stop and go back then i sat on the platform while will went and got the tickets and we set off again an hour later than we originally set off. nevermind. and thank you to the ticket lady for letting will back through without buying a new ticket!

we walked round to camden and sat by the canal and had an ale then went inside and had some food. then we walked down to koko for the show.
due to the ashcloud it wasn't the show we'd originally intended to see but it still turned out good.
we got there just as robots in disguise were finishing then melissa auf der maur did an acoustic set which was really good. i want the album but know i'll be disappointed that it isn't acoustic.

then we had amanda palmer.
she was amazing.
it was meant to be an evelyn evelyn show but they couldn't be there because of the ashcloud and jason webley was flying to london while the gig was happening so he projected his face onto the back of the stage 'from the plane' and they did a couple evelyn evelyn songs together.
you can't quite make it out but he is playing accordian in this photo in the background and amanda palmer is at the front in the middle.

then at the end of the show she got us all to do sex pistols karaoke in honour of malcolm mclaren who's funeral had been earlier in the day and they projected the lyrics onto the back of the stage and everyone sang along and she got some people up on stage and then at the end she crowdsurfed to the back of the audience and then back to the stage again.

it was amazing.
such a good show, i'm so glad we got to see her even if it wasn't as intended.
it wasn't quite like anything i've seen before and i'd definately see her again.


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