Friday, 16 April 2010


i don't like being at work so much, i feel like i don't get anything else done. i haven't done any 'proper' art recently and over the past few days have hardly taken any photos.
and what's more annoying is that i have come up with a plan of saving as much money as possible so that i can live off it without a job for a few months so as to be able to purely concentrate on getting my art career going and hopefully by the time the money has run out i'll be making at least some money from art. but doing this job that i hate not only puts me in a bad mood but also doesn't pay enough that there is any left at the end of the month to save.
oh well.
i'm going to do the best thing i can do and use some holiday soon and take a whole week off work and get some art stuff done that i've been wanting to do for a while.
i also refuse to work another summer where i am at the moment so i need to find another part time job, which as far as i can tell there are none of.
anyway, i feel like that bit in wayne's world where the camera starts to turn away because he's being whingey so i'll stop now and end on a lighter, less annoying note:

i introduce to you, the punkapiller

he's from 2006. and he is awesome.
i love looking at old photos.


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